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Rent My Bay - Business

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Rent My Bay will manage everything for you, all you have to do is ensure that your parkers can gain access to your parking area. If this is too much admin for you, we can then integrate with your access control system using either PIN or QR code entry.
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  • Receive your own exclusive page to take potential parkers to your list of available parking bays
  • Removes the manual process of managing bookings, cancellations, collecting & reconciling payments
  • Payments are processed online and upfront to ensure you get paid
  • The system will automatically manage invoicing, lease renewals and annual price increases
  • Your parking bays will also show up on our "Find Parking" page to increase your chances of finding parkers
  • Receive a real-time dashboard to view your unoccupied, actively booked & pending booking parking bays and the contact details of your parkers
  • We handle all bookings from 1 day to 1 year
  • You are in full control of pricing, cancellation policy, minimum stay and much more...
  • We can assist you with advertising using various channels.
  • Fees as low as 8% + R3 per transaction, we only charge for successful bookings.

Who is this for? Anyone with 5 or more parking bays.

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How to navigate this site

We have tried our best to simplify the site by placing information buttons everywhere. Please take advantage when filling in any details onscreen by clicking on these icons which will give you some useful info.

If you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to contact us via our ticketing system or using the following email

Cancellation Policy

Please pay special attention to the cancellation policy when making a booking or creating a parking space.

All parking bays must be have an associated cancellation policy, which is setup by the host. This cancellation will apply to both the parker and the host.

Any refunds due will be paid out no later than the 7th of the following month along with all other payments.

Please take note of the following types of cancellation policies:

Renewal of parking bay lease

If the parker books a bay for a period longer than or equal to 4 months, they will be given the option to renew the lease 3.5 months before the lease agreement ends. Failing to renew the lease will mean that the bay will be made available to the public to book from the end of the current lease period.

Finding a parking bay

We do not allow the users to search and book parking bays 3 months in advance as this can have a negative impact on parking bay availability.

For best results, it is recommended to search for parking a maximum of 2 calendar months in advance as the hosts might have limited the months in advance in which they allow the users to book bays.

How do we make money

We add a small service and administration fee to each transaction which assists us in covering the costs of running the business. Here is the breakdown:

Host Fees:
Service fee of 5% on the amount to be paid out each month.

Parker Fees:
Service fee of 5% on top of the amount requested by the parker.
Administration fee of R3 per transaction.
No fees are charged to the parker if the host has registered as a business.

Pay-out Fees:
This is when we pay funds directly into your bank account, whether it be for rental, refund, etc... There is an administration fee of R10 for each pay-out (If you are a host with more than 1 rental being paid out, you still only pay R10 in total.)

Businesses and Property Agents will receive a special rate and can contact us at for more information.

Penalties for offences

For offences such as the bay not being available for the parker or the parker not being out of the bay when required, the offending party could be penalised an amount deemed reasonable based on the daily rate of the parking bay. This could also lead to the cancellation policy becoming null and void and the reservation being cancelled.

All offences will count against the offending member as a negative rating and could lead to the offending members account being suspended or terminated.


How payments work

Currently we only accept debit\credit\cheque card payments. All payments are processed through our secure payment provider. We do not store any of your credit card information.

If you have booked for a period that spans more than one month, your payments will be split into monthly payments. For your first payment you will need to supply your payment details, for this you will be directed to our payment gateway provider to process your secure transaction. All subsequent transactions will be deducted from your account based on your Debit Order Date

For all new bookings, you will be required to pay an initial fee upfront.

Modifying your debit order date will update all existing bookings you have, to be inline with you the new value.

How do I park?

Once you have made the booking your bay will be available to you for the period that you have requested.

We will supply you with the owners details if you require any additional information, such as where to pick up the access tag to the building, if required.

What if I cant get into my parking bay

In the case where you cannot get into your parking bay for whatever reason, be it that someone is parked in your bay or that the access disk is not working, please follow these steps:

  1. First point of call is to contact the host, they will be of the most assistance as they are the only one that can grant you access to your bay. You can find their details on the booking confirmation that you received
  2. If you are not satisfied with the hosts resolution, or if it becomes a problem, then contact us by logging a support ticket. We will investigate the matter while liaising with you and the host to find the best resolution.


When do I get paid?

You will be paid out no later than the 7th of each month after someone has booked your parking bay.

How to get a booking
Minimum Stay:

Most contracts for any lease are 1 year and this is mainly due to all the admin involved in finding a tenant and getting contracts signed. On this platform, we advise that when creating a listing that you do not exceed 3 months minimum stay and less if you dont mind having to handover access tags or whatever it might be more often.

Specifying your desired rates:

Find out what the current parking rates are going for in your area, then follow these guidlines.

    24hr parking - You should set your parking to be 80% - 90% of cost of parking bays in your area

    Peak (generally office hours) parking - You should set your parking to be 60% - 70% of cost of parking bays in your area

    Offpeak (generally overnight) parking - You should set your parking to be 30% - 40% of cost of parking bays in your area

What if the parker does not pay

All payments are received a month in advance from the parker, with their first payment requiring an online transaction and subsequent transactions being debited off of their account.

If the transaction fails at any point, we will contact the parker to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency and inform you of any issues if necessary.

Specifying Rates

We give you the ability to specify one or all of the following Daily, Weekly and Monthly rates. If you specify all three, when a booking is received we will determine which rate to used based on the parkers date selection.

What if I am having a problem with the parker
  1. First point of call is to contact the parker, as they will need to be informed of what the problem is. You can find their details on the booking confirmation that you received
  2. If you are not satisfied with parkers resolution to the problem, then contact us by logging a support ticket. We will investigate the matter while liaising with you and the parker to find the best resolution.