About Us

Founded in 2018, the digital revolution in parking solutions.

Rent My Bay - "Parking Made Simple!"

We offer a fully customisable parking rental platform which allows you, as an individual or business, to list or book any parking space whether it is a parking bay, driveway, backyard or vacant land, etc… With us the possibilities are endless!

  • Short or Long-term rental, you choose.
  • Automate your annual parking bay price increase.
  • Specify your cancellation policy.
  • Set which days of the week and times that your bay is available, so now you can rent out your bay while you’re away, either during the day (e.g. while you’re at work) or overnight.
  • All transactions are processed online.
  • Contact & Vehicle information is only shared once a parker has booked and paid.


  1. List your parking space which is then verified by us.
  2. We advertise your bay for free and will send you a notification when you get booked.
  3. We pay the funds directly into your bank account after each month booked.

We charge a service fee of 5% per transaction.

Please ensure that items such as access tags\remotes or any documentation required by building management are made available to the parker when they arrive.


  1. Enter your location and find the nearest parking bay to you.
  2. Book and pay online with your debit\credit\cheque card for the first month, thereafter each payment is debited 1 month in advance.
  3. Park stress free knowing that you have a parking space waiting for you.

We charge a service fee of 5% plus R3.00 per transaction, but if the parking is listed by a business no fees are charged.

Property Agents and Businesses

Contact us at info@rentmybay.co.za for your free business package.

In South Africa we have seen a substantial increase in the number of motor vehicles on our roads today. With the escalation of motor vehicle theft and break-ins, the need for safe and secure parking has become almost a necessity. The daily struggle in finding regular and convenient parking has become a major stress factor for many motor vehicle owners.

Rent My Bay has developed a solution for all your parking requirements by a mere click of a button. Our platform was specifically designed to eliminate the everyday parking problem whilst at the same time putting cash back into your pocket.

Rent My Bay enables any registered user to list their owned parking space on our platform, or rent a parking space close to their desired location. The users’ bay can be rented out for any period and for any specific events as they deem fit. For instance, daily, weekly, monthly even yearly.

Rent My Bay offers two types of parking solutions.
  1. Regular parking - Here a parking bay is rented for a specified uninterrupted period.
  2. Shared parking rental - This is for a user that owns a parking bay but only occupies it during a certain time period. e.g. Travels to work during the day so his parking space is available for rent during office hours from 08:00am – 17:00pm.

Rent My Bay is designed and created to revolutionize the way we park our vehicles whilst at the same time saving you time and money. In South Africa’s major cities parking has become an absolute nightmare. The days of driving in circles trying to find adequate, safe and convenient parking is a thing of the past.

With Rent My Bay you simply register on our platform and we will find you the best parking that suits your pocket as well as your needs.


“Parking Made Simple” – Rent My Bay Team 2018

The Rent My Bay ideology is to give motorists the means to search for parking in specific designated areas and at specific times which ever best suits them. By simply registering your profile on the Rent My Bay platform you now can search book and pay for parking in whichever area you want. It’s that simple.

Rent My Bay thus creates an opportunity for every parking bay owner to list their space on our platform at their own desired price. The parking bay owner can elect what days he wishes to make his space available for rent and at what rental amount. e.g. Secure under cover parking in Adderley Street R1200 Per month.

The user has thus a two tier approach to using our platform. List your bay for rent to the public of South Africa and making that little bit of extra money, or finding the most suitable and competitive parking bay in your desired location.