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Finding Parking

RentMyBay helps drivers reserve parking wherever, whenever!



Finding the perfect parking spot has never been easier. We offer Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly parking options. You can even specify the time period in the day\week that you require parking, to reduce the cost.



Make payment using your debit\cheque\credit card via our secure payment provider and have a guaranteed space waiting for you when you need it.



Save time & money driving stress free knowing that you don't have to hunt for parking, it’s that easy!!!

Any access requirements will be stated on your booking confirmation.

Park Your Vehicle with RentMyBay

RentMyBay is parking tailored to your needs, whether it’s Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly parking, now you can avoid the stress of searching for parking space in saturated areas.

Maybe you live in the city and you require parking for friends and family that visit after office hours OR maybe you only require parking during office hours, why pay full price for parking? You can now specify all your requirements in the search and find yourself the perfect parking space that makes the best financial sense.

Are you going to a big event where there is usually a lack of parking? You can use RentMyBay to pre-book parking closest to the event, even in residential neighbourhoods.

Find parking

List Your Space Today!

You have the power to turn your idle spots into extra income.



Rent out your space only when you want to, from a day up until as long as you want, you have full control. No paperwork required!!


Get Booked

Once a tenant reserves your bay we will request the funds from them in advance, every month, to ensure that you will always get paid.


Get Paid

We will deposit the earnings directly into your bank account, within 7 days, after each month of being rented.


Rent Out Your Space Now

You can now rent out your parking space without the hassle of going through a third-party or trying to find a parker yourself, all you have to do is list your space and wait.

If you currently pay for parking, but only use it for a portion of the day, you now have the opportunity to share your bay, by renting it out when not in use to cover a portion of your costs.

You can even rent out your driveway, this might come in useful if there are any big events in your neighbourhood, all you have to do is set your parking to be available on that day during the time period of your choice.

Rent Your Space

My parking bay was standing empty during office hours. I listed on RentMyBay and it was booked in 24hrs for a full year! Safe, slick and hassle-free. I'm excited to use the extra income for a cycling trip in Europe!


Zee Ismail - Host

I found Rent My Bay to be an easy to use platform and really helped me find parking in the CBD quite urgently. Smooth process.


Marco Joffe - Parker

What a great app! I'm so glad I heard of RMB. I was so stressed about going to work but now my parking problem is sorted thanks to Rent My Bay.


Elouize Geyer - Parker

My search for parking was painful to say the least, until I found RentMyBay! The site is user-friendly and so easy to understand. I received the best service and they went the extra '2km's' to help me.


Cliffordene Norton - Parker